“Talent develops in calm, character in the storm”

Dance, dream, travel…

After studying in the city of Rosario and preparing me as a dancer, I embarked on a trip with a taste of pure adventure. The strong desire and passion for Dance guided me strongly, but the reality with which I found myself was not so romantic and rather, there were several disappointments and bad drinks. After working several years in Catalonia as a professional dancer, I finally arrived in the city of Malaga, in Andalusia, where the Superior Conservatory of Dance would kindly received me to guide my career with professionalism, respect and especially the pedagogical and methodological knowledge that I had been looking for so much.

Finally, my wings of creativity began to unfold in the hands of professional projects with great artists from all over the world of dance and theater. Fully grateful I continued the search of inner experience, in Italian lands, where together with a group of humanist artists we studied and deepened the spiritual experience in artistic expression.

Thanks to these experiences we undertook the project of the Dance of the Spheres, together with Peter Deno and Florent Delaunay, also giving a body expression workshop, with which we toured the cities of Budapest, Athens, Marseilla, Barjols, Milan, Attigliano, Toledo , Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Reconquista, Córdoba and Sao Paolo.

Thus, an international professional career was launched, which today opens a bridge between Rosario and Europe, with the Dance Company COMPANÍA INTERNA, which has been chosen to represent SIBA, Salzburg International Ballet Academy in Austria, inaugurating a cultural exchange through a scholarship system. A campus, school with dance boarding school, for aspiring professional dancers, classical dance classes, classical and neo-classical repertoire, contemporary dance and modern jazz by the hand of great masters and choreographers who prepare different choreographies to students to present in the 4 Galas that are performed both, at the KUBIZ Theater in Munich, Germany, and at the same Conservatory in Salzburg, Austria.

As a gift from heaven, I was asked to present in the Galas, a Tango choreography leading our culture with this piece entitled “Canyengue” in tribute to what my Nona told me every time she saw me dance Tango: “Not like this, like this no, more canyengue !!! ”

It is the intention of helping the aspiring dancers, so that they can take their first steps in the professional world, to our first auditions already were presented students from all over the country.
And then, like this, after almost 20 years I return to my city to offer a hand in that jump to professional dancer, that so many students are looking forward to!

Paula Percivalle

We need artists who are brave enough to deepen in themselves and find new feelings and connections that are useful to them internally, that also help others and, in the end, help us all…

I believe that artistic inspiration is a way of connecting with the superior realities that surround our perception, and being able to experience it allows us to be closer to the Meaning of Life.

I hope we can do something useful for the future!